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hi! i'm @jeff

i am but sometimes do

i like ( , , , franchise) and ( , )

i'm interested in , , , ,

my pronouns are he/him

i'll toot in and but i also understand German and Chinese.

i run this mastodon single instances (

thanks for reading.


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I'm used to running Mastodon Instance at past. Now I chilling on this single used instance that hosted on @mastohost .

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Can't go out yet, my legs broke during last week jump. I will try to get that galar bird soon.
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Itching for adventure?

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This Halloween, hand out some spooky goodies that last longer than candy with the : Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle! 👻🎃

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Let's beat the game this year, grind for the max level.

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Wow I didn't expect to get all of this, also getting about 3 shiny from raid, 2 shiny hatched, 10+ pogo plus catch and more than 20+ hand catches. Approximately around 2000 starly catches during community day hours and abound 1 hours raids.


Sorry took a long time for this almost a year stuck to level up since I don't raid so much.

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I'm stuck here for very long time, since I don't raid very often. Try to finish this today by raiding Mega Charizard please I need the Shiny Party Hat Charizard.

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Greenland airport landing. 🏔️🛬🏔️


A very close match today. Almost losing cause I lost track of time.

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Our ocean 🌊 produces at least 50% of the planet’s oxygen and it is home to most of Earth’s biodiversity. But it faces pollution, climate change & other threats.

Taking place next week, the UN Ocean Conference is an opportunity to .


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album tonight

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City grid at night from space is awesome!!
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Astronauts aboard the International Space Station took this photograph of Paris at midnight

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