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hi! i'm @jeff

i am but sometimes do

i like ( , , , franchise) and ( , )

i'm interested in , , , ,

my pronouns are he/him

i'll toot in and but i also understand German and Chinese.

i run this mastodon single instances (

thanks for reading.


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I'm used to running Mastodon Instance at past. Now I chilling on this single used instance that hosted on @mastohost .

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Today we released our official report on Hans Niemann, Magnus Carlsen, and cheating in chess. Read it here:

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Every single day for the past few years people have been sending me this photo saying she can move in any direction. I thought it was finally over. Now I started getting a different one where the events will take much longer because the king can only move one square at a time

Updates From birdsite 

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Abandoned temple in the jungle

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One of the most detailed images of Pluto

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Colours of the moon.

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